Something that has come to my attention is that Allies, apparently aren’t appreciated in the LGBTQIA community. And yes, I know the reasoning. Some of them simply support it so their favorite star gay couples can get married and adopt, that doesn’t mean it’s still not support. Inform them politely of how it’s considered rude, don’t call them names. Isn’t that what this sort of thing about? To stop everyone from being oppressed and hurt? It’s not like every Ally goes walking around introducing themselves like “My name is ______, and I’m in GSA! Give me special treatment!” NO. If you ask, we will tell you, if you bring it up, we will include ourselves. No, I am not allowed to go to a lot of the organizations and such because I don’t know where any of it is held, and if it’s not in walking distance, I probably can’t go because my family doesn’t have a lot of money. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t support it. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about if someone cannot get married or not. Frankly, it does not matter how you identify yourself, who you want to love and have sex with, or even no sex if you’re asexual! Whoop-di-fucking-do! You don’t want to have sex? That’s YOUR choice. Want to have sex with a girl, but you’re a girl, yet identify as a male? YOUR CHOICE. And NO ONE has jurisdiction over your choices. The ONLY time someone should apologize for their opinions is if they’re rude about it. So in conclusion, we’ve learned that Allies can NEVER be seen as people who actually care, right?

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    And here we have grizzlybearprincess, a wonderful example of exactly how NOT to be an ally. If you want to learn more,...
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    AAAAND then there’s this fucktruck.Yes, seriously, many of us would rather you be a raging homophobe than the shitty...
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    I highly doubt the rest of the lgbtq+ community would appreciate you saying you’d rather me be homophobic than...
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